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Fu Energy uses renewable and harmless products in the sustainable
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Fu Energy is a company operating in the renewable energy sector and providing solutions to its customers in the fields of engineering, consultancy, and a young and dynamic organization with international ties, the company specializes in project development, design, operation, and maintenance using high-end products.

Project Executıon Process



Fu Energy, with its expert team, makes special recommendations for each project and draws a solution-oriented roadmap.


Fu Energy calculates the solar and wind energy installation cost for your company and analyzes your energy needs based on consumption.

Energy Need Analysis

Visiting the Study Area


Based on your energy analysis, it calculates whether you have enough roof space to make sure solar and wind power are sustainable.


Fu Energy contacts local businesses to determine if restrictions exist for the installation of solar and wind farms and obtains necessary permits based on guidelines

Permissions and Approvals

Planning and Product Selection


Fu Energy can determine which energy systems are most suitable for your project, placement of products, fixtures, converters, etc. explores. The size takes into account your wishes regarding the structure’s architecture, aesthetic appeal, and energy goals.


Fu Energy provides an installation plan with products from the planning department that is most profitable for your project.


Financing and Subsidies


We guarantee personalized service and investigate all available subsidies for you


After the installation, the first control of the electrical installations is made with voltage measurements. After this stage, when the energy system is connected, a local authority is asked to completely control the system.

Installation and Control



After the realization of the project, the Fu Energy team will provide you with solutions and advice on the most appropriate maintenance to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency.

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